Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I wanted it to be you so badly"

This morning, I watched You've Got Mail, and I started to think how much Meg Ryan used to be America's sweetheart. Before the breakup of her marriage to Dennis Quaid (supposedly caused by her affair with Russell Crowe) and some not-so-hot plastic surgery, she was on top of the world and now I barely hear about her. I never saw her movie The Women that came out last year, but if you've seen it let me know, as I thought it looked cute and would like to see it eventually.

I also received my February Vogue (Jessica Biel on the cover looking stunning, she just reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro to support global clean water), a White House/Black Market catalog, and my new credit card from the joint account JPK and I opened so we can start house shopping! From WH/BM there are a couple things I wanted to share with you all:

First up is the cover! So cute!

If you want a Valentino look for a lot less, check out this bag. Only $88!!
(And if you're shopping WH/BM, go to the The Chloe Conspiracy for coupon code!)

What is really sad today is that my partner for KappaPrep's Pink Swap never emailed me back! I'm really disappointed because I already started shopping for her! This is the first swap I have participated in so I'm sad that I got the partner that wasn't really interested in following through :(

If any of you wonderful readers would like to be my pink swap partner, let me a comment and we will swap!!



  1. Aak, I'm so sorry I took so long to respond to your email! I hope you can forgive me - I love your blog and I hope we can still be swap partners!