Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Recap Thursday

1. This morning I gave JPK a ride to the golf course, just so I could play with my new Garmin GPS. The voice is a British man, and I find myself saying, "Thank you, James!" whenever he successfully gets me somewhere.

2. I went slightly crazy for Liberty of London. I got an ahhhmazing Sparkling Grapefruit candle, a serving platter, serving tray, 2 tier stand, umbrella, teapot, cups, and headbands. See, overboard.

3. If you watch Top Chef on Bravo, you remember Josea. He is the executive chef at Jax Fish House in Boulder, CO. JPK and I went there on Wednesday night, and they had the BEST oysters rockefeller I've ever ever ever had. I wanted about 17 plates of them. But that would have been a bit ridiculous.

And last, but not least,
4. JPK and I are moving on April 9th. We are leaving here (Denver):

for here (Dallas):

JPK got an incredible promotion at work, and their corporate offices are in Dallas, so off we go. This will be our 3rd state in 2 years (NC, CO, TX) and I have to admit, as much as I am so excited for my wonderful fiance to be so successful, I'm really going to miss Denver. Before we came here, I was worried that I might not like it, but I have so many sweet friends that I'm really going to miss. And the weather here CANNOT be beat! 300 days of sunshine and that fresh high-altitude air! JPK was born and raised in Denver and has only lived away from Colorado while he was in college in NC (where we met! but a post for another day...) so I'm a little sad for him because I know how much he loves it here as well. But when you get an opportunity like this one, you can't pass it up.

While I feel sad to leave this city I've come to love and the wonderful friends I've made (and JPK's friends he's known since he was 5), I'm excited for this new step in our lives. We will be moving on the 9th and JPK will start his new position on the 12th. His company is generously getting us a suite at one of their hotels for a couple of months until we can familiarize ourselves with the neighborhoods and buy a house. (My first thought was, Oh so Eloise! Hopefully we'll be on the "tippy-top floor"!)

And let's be honest, I'm not UNhappy to be moving to a city with a Lilly store!


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