Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things are moving so quickly around here!

We are leaving for Dallas in 16 days. Last night I started packing, and have 2 huge bags of clothes to give to my girlfriend Kelly. And some other bags that are for goodwill. Our apartment is a MESS! Boxes, bubble wrap, and tape are everywhere!

While I'm super duper out of this world excited to move to Dallas, it's stressful to move so fast! I have a giant "To Do" list, and it seems like things don't get crossed off as quickly as I'd like. Today, I called and made arrangements to cancel all of our utilities. I also changed the addresses on all our magazine subscriptions, and arranged to take my last vacation days at work! (Side note: yes, I'm grateful to have a job, and one where I work with some of the most fun and amazing people I've met in Denver, but I am so ready for a new, more challenging job.)

I'm also happy to be moving to a city where the weather is WARM almost all the time! Yesterday, it was 20-something degrees and snowing. Today was more of the same. At least this time I didn't fall on my butt in the middle of downtown Denver. Thank god for small miracles ;)

If any of you all live in Dallas, please please please let me know everything. Things like:
-best neighborhoods to live in
-best place to get my hair done
-best brunch spots (bottomless mimosas a plus!)
-best place to shop other than malls
-best romantic restaurants
-best place to buy a car (I'm in the market!)
-even things like roads I shouldn't take at certain times or a dentist

Thanks so much girls!! xoxoxo

(photo: Not our moving announcements, but from the website ours are ordered from!)

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  1. You're so lucky to move to Dallas. I know its a fabulous city! Good luck getting everything done. As for your questions - I have no idea but I'm sure other bloggers will be able to help!