Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm still here!

Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe it's been so long since I've posted!

We are finally in Dallas! The weather has been great except the past few days, it has been rainy and chilly! Good thing I kept some of my sweaters out. I laid out one of the first days we were here and fully intend to keep that going too! It would be another couple months until I could lay out if we were still in Denver.

I miss my friends ALOT but of course I knew that was going to happen. I feel a little sad knowing they all get to hang out and go to Kona Grill happy hour, just without me this time. My friend T came down to Dallas with us to help keep me company for the ride and help unpack/decorate. Instead we mostly shopped, drank our signature pomegranate martinis, and shopped some more! We also visited Cowboys Stadium and took a tour. I wasn't really interested (Colts fan!) but T loves the Cowboys. Here are a few of the adorable things I've picked up in the past week:
(Nine West petal clutch)
(Miss Trish of Capri Turquoise Seahorse sandals. To Die For!)
(Lilly Pulitzer sandals with gold fish!)
(blue and white large vase. So great, thank you homegoods!)
Today, I found out that I got a job. I wasn't desperate to find work until I got here. I really wanted to take my time and find something that I really wanted to do. However, I have been so bored! I don't watch that much TV and it's hard when you don't know anyone or your way around the city. I am going to try this job for awhile and see how I like it, who knows, maybe it will be great!

My parents shipped my car out to me, and it arrived on Thursday! Father has always taken care of car related things for me, but now I have to find my own insurance, and it is a little stressful. Also, a few days ago when I was taking pictures at HomeGoods of all the wonderful things I wanted to add to our home and share with you lovelies, my phone completely died! But Apple at Northpark and their wonderful customer service just gave me a brand spankin new one! Father and Mother spent last week at the beach house with my brother B and this week they are in Las Vegas. Then in 3 or so weeks, they are coming here to see JPK and I. They are just having oh so much fun spending all this QT together!

Last night on our balcony, I planted lilys, lavender, some herbs, and a lemon tree! I have wanted a lemon tree forever and finally we have one. I'm excited for some homemade lemonade! Whew...I think that's about it for now, but I promise now that everything is unpacked and our internet is hooked up, you can expect a lot more updates from me!


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