Monday, July 5, 2010

Ughh, scams!

We had such a fab holiday, and I hope you all did too. But this weekend wasn't all fun and games. I was checking my bank account to make sure an autopayment went through and discovered a charge for $14.95 from a company called EasySaver with a phone number. I called the number and they are closed until Tuesday. I googled this company and apparently if you order from a number of websites (one of them being, the one that got me), they they ask for your email address and zip code, and it signs you up for the EasySaver program. They charge you a one time $1.95 sign up fee to try the services for a month, then give you the option to cancel, and if you don't, they charge you $14.95 a month. I don't remember agreeing to this one time fee and I checked my email account up and down and I cannot find any confirmation emails or welcome emails or anything. My bank will only let me search back to June 2009, and it has been happening since then. (I know what you're thinking, I should watch my bank account better, but whatever, I need to vent about it and I will watch like a hawk from now on.)

I discovered SO MANY message boards and websites where people have documented this happening to them too! I can't believe it. I always read fine print carefully so things like this don't happen, which is probably why I'm not as attentive to my online banking as I should be. Many people said that they called EasySaver and got their bank's fraud protection department involved and got their money back. That is exactly what I plan on doing when they reopen tomorrow. I will let you all know what happens and if I get my money back (which I totally better, it's almost $250 and I'd love a new dress!). The reason I am posting this is because I don't want this scam to happen to any of you! Search your accounts for EasySaver charges, as I don't know how many websites are letting a scamming company benefit from their customer's information. I will NEVER use ever again either! Learn from my mistakes and watch your bank account very carefully!

P.S. on a totally unrelated note, can you BELIEVE it is JULY already? This year is really flying by but then again, I say that every year!

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