Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winter Wish List

Winter is BY FAR my favorite season. I love the cold, ice, snow, holidays, and especially the clothing to go with it! Here are 10 things on my wish list for winter:

Knit hat with big fur pom pom. Not a huge fan of the brown with my dark hair, but love the style!

May seem like a simple thing, but my large barrel curling iron sizzled out and I have yet to replace it. Want to do waves in my hair!

Essie polish in Midnight Cami
A leopard print scarf is a must for winter! Leopard is the new black!
Silver pave hoop earrings. I am not usually a hoop kinda girl, but Kyle Richards makes it look so chic!
Biotin pills to grow out my hair. See curling iron above.
A nice and roomy winter bag. Doesn't have to be a Birkin, but hey, it's my WISH list.
A pair of long leather gloves to wear under all my swing style coats.
Chunky, loose sweater dress to wear with tights and boots.
Any and EVERY thing in faux fur. I just can't get enough!!

What's on your list for winter? What's your favorite season?

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