Thursday, February 16, 2012

Revenge: Fire & Ice

I cannot say this enough: I LOVE REVENGE.

(If you've yet to watch Revenge and plan to, or if you haven't seen last night's episode yet, STOP READING HERE.)

So, in last night's episode "Chaos", we discovered that the person on the beach was not Daniel. Tricky, tricky Revenge writers!

Here are my theories:

Who is the killer?
Daniel, either in self defense or because Tyler revealed to who Emily really is, and Daniel wants to keep that information to himself (Probably too obvious. But he did have blood on his tux...)
Amanda, because she realized Emily had her back the whole time and didn't want Tyler to ruin Emily (Also, probably too obvious.)
Tyler shot himself to get his own Revenge on Daniel/Emily (But wasn't he shot in the back?)
Mr. Takeda shot Tyler to get Emily back on track (but why would he stick around and pick up Amanda?).
Did Emily hire someone we haven't even met yet to kill Tyler?
Or it's possibly someone totally off the wall. Because what we do know for sure with Revenge, is to expect the unexpected.

What's next for our favorite scheming Hamptonites?
Scenes from next week make us think Daniel is going on trial for Tyler's murder. I'm positive Victoria will never let anything happen to her Daniel and Conrad would never let the Grayson name be tarnished.
Will Daniel still be head over heels for Emily after Tyler told him what she's up to? Will Emily tell Daniel the truth and try to convince him to join her, or will she tell him Tyler was a crazy liar (believable).
Why did Nolan give his iPad back to his head of security before seeing Jack actually set sail? And why did he rewind the tapes? Is Nolan still on Emily's side?
And what about Amanda. She knows everything, and she's getting closer and closer to Jack. Where does she have Mr. Takeda take her? And will she EVER actually leave town?
What's next for Charlotte? Seems both her and Daniel are unhappy being Graysons at the moment, but will she ever get to know that Emily is her sister? And can Emily really marry her half-sister's half-brother?
Was the killer the same person that snatched Emily's photograph of the 1993 Grayson Global Retreat?

Side Note: One of my favorite moments was when Jack dropped off Sammy at Emily's house and Nolan grabbed her and told her to go with Jack and "make little volunteer babies." I really do love Nolan. And please, let's see more of the WhaleCam.



  1. Tyler had the 1993 Retreat photo, he stole it.

    I think Amanda did the killing because she, too, had blood on her when she left Jack on the boat.

    I think Takeda sees Amanda (fake Amanda) as a threat - I think he's killing her when he drives off with her. If not killing, he is ACTIVELY forcing her to leave town.

    Charlotte is super boring so I hope this whole drug problem thing she apparently is going to develop will make her interesting. ADDED DRAMA: the pills are prescribed to Jack, and Declan gave them to her, thus her parents now have real motive to hate him for "turning" her into a drug addict.

    I REALLY dislike the Greyson grandfather and think he's going to have his own skeletons to deal with in the coming weeks.

    I just really wonder whether Daniel believes Tyler or what kind of impact that has.


  2. I dont recall Declan giving Charlotte the perscription. She asked for mouthwash, while throwing up in the bathroom, and Declan told her it was in the cabinet. When she opened it and took the mouthwash, that's when she saw the perscription bottle and took it. Declan gave her the therapist's phone number.