Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Worth a Thousand Words

Have you ever connected with a piece of art?
Seeing the Mona Lisa doesn't count.
{She's behind bulletproof glass and hoards of tourists.
See her once, skip her every return trip.}

Personally, I have several favorites.
And the list grows each time I "connect" with a piece.

Salvador Dali's Portrait De Marguerite
is the most recent addition to my favorites list. 
She's on display at The Meadows Museum here in Dallas.
Entrance to the museum is free on Thursday evenings.
You'll find me upstairs, in the back hallway.

{Or if we're meeting up someplace a little more exciting
you'll find me at the Tate Modern, in London.}

So I was super embarrassingly excited to find this new website:

It lets you explore museums around the world,
from Athens to Moscow to Tokyo
and everywhere in between.

If you're an art lover like me,
take several hours a minute to check it out.
You will NOT be disappointed!

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