Thursday, October 22, 2009

My fiance JPK left for Alabama this morning with some friends for a golf trip. They are starting in Birmingham and playing the Robert T. Jones Golf Trail, which is basically a trail of 10 championship golf courses, each an hour or so away from each other. He was telling me about some t-shirt he's bringing back to a friend and of course, I asked what he was planning on bringing his amazing fiancee who is holding down the house while he's away. His answer? "A headband with golf clubs on it." This is exactly why we are perfect for each other.

While he is away, I usually sleep on the couch. It just feels weird to sleep in our bed where he is supposed to be next to me. I also do things like organize my handbags by color and designer, paint my nails and wait excessively long before touching anything, put pink and green striped sweaters on our puppy, etc. I'm sure when JPK sees what I do when left to my own devices, he will promptly dump me for a sand wedge.


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