Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Luxuries

Not just these days, but any time at all is a good time for little splurges. While we all love to get those gorgeous luxury items, it's often the little things that make me smile the most! So, I decided to share with my bloggy friends a few of those little luxuries that I've picked up lately:

1. Pop Quiz: How long have I searched for a perfect nude lip color? Answer: Forever! But through my friend Kelly, I found Jane Iredale PureMoist LipColour in Julia. I'm not usually a lipstick person, I feel a little old lady when I'm reapplying, but this is different for sure. It's so moist and the color stays on all through work and happy hour, which is two thumbs up from me! Buy it here

2. We all saw Sex & the City The Movie (or have it on Special Edition DVD, on our iPhone, and the entire series in a fab pink box. But that's not me or anything...) Remember Jennifer Hudson's "Love" keychain that she passed on to Carrie? Well, I just got one for myself, and you can too for only $25! That's only 5 trips to Starbucks! Buy it here

3. I've always had a subscription to the important magazines, even in college. It made me a very popular student, sharing my Cosmo, Glamour, Vogue, Southern Living, etc. with all the DGs. But only recently have I subscribed to a magazine that has quickly become one of my favorites, Town & Country. I would buy an issue here and there, but there is nothing better than this little goodie delivered to my mailbox every month! The good news is right now on Amazon a year of T&C is only $10. Buy it here

4. Whew, does time fly! The ladies over at Lilly know that for the girl on the go, it's super important to keep appointments in style, and by "style", I mean pink and green, of course! In comes Lilly's 2010 calendar, available in large or small, depending on how big your social butterfly wings are. Buy it here

5. To end on an even sweeter note, nothing pumps me up more than a good girl power song. And nothing says "Girl Power" like Jessie James' song "I Look So Good Without You". Plus, I don't even need to write Buy it here, because it's FREE. Which is the best luxury of all.

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