Saturday, November 7, 2009

an anniversary

Ten years ago at this time of year, I was a proud graduate of The Mirror Ltd. My course, Reflections, was a "course in the development of a positive self image and social skills." My instructor, Charlene Taylor, was a phenomenal teacher and made all of us, even the boys!, really want to learn. Mother and I would pick out my outfits days in advance to make sure my dresses were clean and pressed. We also did loads of at home practice! Today, my etiquette school textbook is still my go-to guide for every sticky situation. I still hear a little Charlene voice in my ear! Some timeless passages from my textbook:

"Social skills are merely mastery of the rules of civilized behavior. Although times have changed we cover traditional rules with a contemporary flair. The 'Golden Rule' is still the best guide, when you're in doubt as to what the best course of action would be."

"Should, at any time during the meal, you need the attention of your wait person or sommelier DO NOT wave as if you are parking an aircraft, holler, raise your hand and snap your fingers. Feel free to discreetly ask a passing wait person or the bus person to send your wait person over."

"When you purchase your basic wardrobe, this is not the place to skimp or play slave to fashion. Some people feel that by buying lesser quality they can have more in their closet. The fact is that if you buy good quality basic pieces, and take care of them, they will outlast any bargains you may find."

Emily Post would be proud!


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  1. Oh I so wish they had that class here. I need it for my boys. xoxo