Saturday, December 12, 2009

long time gone!

LLL has been silent for 9 days! I dropped my MacBook and had to have the guys at Best Buy tinker with it for what felt like EVER! They couldn't fix my old computer, so they gave me a new MacBook Pro. Thankfully, this one has an aluminum enclosure in case I drop it again!

Anyway, I have been quite busy in the past 9 days. I am thisclose to done with Christmas shopping and wrapping, all I have left is to complete my Father's calendar of family photos that he gets every year. I gave up on fancy pens, silk ties, and leather bound notebooks, the calendar is all he ever asks for!

On Wednesday, our puppy was spayed and has to walk around until next week with one of those silly cones on her head. She hates it, but she looks awfully cute anyway.
I also have been extremely busy planning a birthday party that is happening tonight! Here is what I'm wearing (ignore the messy bedroom, clearly I tried on several outfits before choosing one):
Black shimmer shift dress, Jones New York; skinny silver belt, Forever 21; white rabbit fur cropped jacket: my grandmother, Audrey; black satin shoes with rhinestone buckle, Nine West.

Now that we're back up and running, regular updates are headed your way! I hope each and every one of you are having Happy Holidays so far, it's been so much fun catching up on everyone's blogs!

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