Friday, December 18, 2009

holiday plans, macarons, and a confession

Confession: I haven't even bought stamps for my Christmas cards! Yes, I know. But I'll do it today, I swear. Perhaps one of my New Year's resolutions should be to keep my address book updated and stamps in the desk.

We are not really doing gifts around here this year. I got my brother a book he has been after, and made my Father a photo calendar. My fiance and I are spending Christmas in Aspen, and in the Caribbean for the New Year with my parents.

For our holiday plans, I am making two very separate purchases. I am making a trip to visit my friends at Blush in the Hotel Monaco (not a very long trip, as Blush/Hotel Monaco are cattycorner to our apartment downtown) to pick out this Calypso seersucker jumper for our days on the sand, and to J.Crew to pick up this sherpa lined down jacket for Aspen. And this little fluffy puffy guy. I love him pinned to a wool coat or basic clutch, or on the side of a messy bun! (eta: I just noticed that Summer is a Verb features this very same seersucker jumper! great minds...)

Gifts are not entirely lost this year, as Mother sent me a box of Parisian macarons for the holidays! I've only eaten one or two (ahemmaybenineorten) so far. Thanks Mother, you're a doll!

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