Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As I'm sure you know, Lent started today. I am giving up shopping, like many other bloggers. As my last purchase, I got a light blue silk Armani skirt for $45. No, that is not a typo. A few days ago, JPK and I were at Off Saks and I found the skirt. I didn't buy it and was kicking myself! Then what pops up in my inbox? A 50% off any clearance item! I definitely had to pick up the skirt. Armani for $45 is BEYOND a steal. I'll post a picture for you all soon, as I left my camera in the car and don't want to go out in the cold to get it!

Also, I am planning a trip to New England this summer. Having lived in Colorado for his whole life (with the exception of college in North Carolina), JPK never made it up to New England. He has never been to NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, or Washington DC! Crazy, huh? So I am planning a New England trip for us this summer. My best friend lives in Rhode Island, so we will stop there first. Then...what? I'd love for him to experience NYC. I also have to take him to all my favorite places on the Cape (Sundae School Ice Cream, anyone?). And also possibly Nantucket or MV, but I prefer Nantucket.
I need New England suggestions! We'll hit all the main spots, but I'd love to go to some new romantic places!


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  1. Camden and Ogunquit, Maine; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; anyplace on the Cape; and plenty of time in Boston. You will not go wrong.