Friday, June 4, 2010

Her first time

While I am home, my mother and I have been planning a redecoration of her bedroom. She has picked a piant color and some new furniture. Today we are going to HomeGoods. She has never been! Can you believe it? I cannot wait for her eyes to light up just the way mine do when we get inside!

Real posts coming next week, with pictures!


  1. I love HomeGoods! I have a really hard time not stopping and going in when I'm near one...

  2. I love HomeGoods too. I can't wait to see your pictures. Be safe with your travels :)

  3. Hi!! Congrats! You've won the giveaway of a Vineyard Vines Tie on Pleasantries and Politics! I can't figure out how to message or email you, so if you could get in touch with us, that'd be great!

    You can email me at