Thursday, June 10, 2010

A woman I absolutely admire

I ADORE Town & Country magazine, as I'm sure many of you do too. This month's issue arrived in my mailbox today, and I have absolutely devoured it! This month, they focused on philanthropy. Many of you are also familiar with this, as sororities put tons of focus on this and many of us are involved in post-college philanthropy as well. Donna Karan is T&C's cover girl, but I wanted to talk about Lauren Bush. I LOVE Lauren. She is not only adorable, but she seems modest and sincere too. And the thing I adore most? She is passionate about feeding children and she is doing her part. In 2008, LB launched her FEED bags, which are eco-friendly bags that help feed children in Haiti, Kenya, and all around the world. For example, if you purchase the $35 FEED Haiti bag, 50 meals are provided for Haitian children. FIFTY MEALS! Seriously!

LB could so easily rely only on the family name, have a "job" that requires staying out until 3am in Vegas, prance around NYC/East Hampton, and she doesn't, at least not too much! She doesn't have terrible style either as she is a former model for our beloved Lilly!!
P.S. Do any of you all watch the USA summer series? I watch sporadic Law & Order on USA, and LOVE Royal Pains and White Collar during the summer. On tonight's Royal Pains, one of the character's was wearing a Lilly silk pantsuit. Love seeing our LP on tv!

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  1. I love Law & Order! Come back soon - your bloggy friends miss you!