Monday, June 28, 2010

I hate doing this...

...but here's what I've been up to! The reason I hate doing this is because it means I haven't been up to blogging! (This picture is one I found when I was at home. JPK says this is the same face I still make when he is asking me if I having been buying handbags!)

In the past few weeks, I have been back and forth to North Carolina, and I am headed back again in about a week and a half. My mother is sick and she needs her baby girl to take care of her. It's the most time I have spent at home in a long, long time and it's nice. It's nice to not have any responsibilities for a little bit, except to go out into the garden and cut roses for the dinner centerpiece.

I am also on a new diet. While I could absolutely stand to lose a few pounds, this diet is more "beauty related". Since living in several different states with different climates in such a short period of time, my skin has really rebelled. In North Carolina, it was hot and VERY humid, but my skin stayed tan all year and that really helped even out my skin tone. In Colorado, my skin didn't get much color and was extremely dry. Now, in Texas, it is hot but not dry and not quite as humid and my skin is freaking out again! So I've spent some time talking to a dermatologist friend and researching online and I have found that eating a somewhat "raw" diet may be my answer.

I haven't been doing it for very long, and I can't tell much of a difference in my skin, but I feel a little bit more energetic. Eating well also just makes me feel better in general, because I know I have a dress ready for an August wedding that is a touch tight, and I'd like to look pretty! I also take bee pollen, fish oil, and biotin but I have been taking those (with the exception of bee pollen which I have only been taking for about 6 months) for years. Basically, I try to stay away from anything that needs to be cooked. There are some raw foodies that literally will eat EVERYTHING raw (fish, veggies, fruit, some meats, etc.), and absolutely nothing that has even been warmed up. I'm not that hard core! I have been eating a small amount of bread, and crackers even though they are baked. We also went over to a friend's house last night and of course I ate the meal they prepared. Better to not be rude than follow this new diet to a T, I think.

I will keep you all updated on how it goes. I'm mainly interested in this new diet for beauty reasons, and I will let you know how my hair and skin looks! And I won't be sad if there are a few pounds lost along the way!

I am also going to try to update more often. With my mother sick, I have been so busy traveling back and forth, JPK is going to 3 bachelor parties (whew!), our puppy needed an emergency dental visit, my brother broke up with his girlfriend and went off to Canada, you know how these things all pile on at one time! I would really appreciate some of your positive sparkly thoughts going out to my mother. I'm confident in her doctors and that everything will be fine. But sparkly thoughts never can hurt!


P.S. A week or so ago, I was looking at a house JPK and I were interested in. I was inside taking a video to send to my parents, and was upstairs in the theater room (i.e. where it is insanely dark) and I walked backwards out of the room and literally fell ALL THE WAY DOWN the wooden stairs and landed on my face in front of the realtor. And it was all caught on video. I would post the video on here for you all to see, but I can't figure out how to do that first of all, and second I am embarrassed and it really hurt! I twisted my ankle pretty bad. But it was good for a laugh!


  1. I hope your mother feels better. it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, but have still kept your sense of humor!
    And that's a good thing :)

  2. Haha! What a cute and innocent picture! I am pretty sure I make the same face when Im asked if I've been buying shoes! I do hope your mother feels much better very soon. And what a sweet daughter you are for taking care of her! Have a fantastic day!