Monday, September 13, 2010

Where does the time go!?

I cannot believe it's been nearly a MONTH since my last post! What a month it's been! A recap, bullet point style, since it's Monday and I can't think of much anything else besides Gossip Girl tonight!

-JPK and I started watching Mad Men. We are done with Season 1 and are about halfway through Season 2. So if any of you are doing Mad Men recaps on your blog, I'm sorry but I can't read! The same way with Dexter and the Real Housewives.

-In late August, JPK and I went to his best friend's wedding in Charlotte. This was the one I wasn't looking forward to. Let's just say I am still trying to pull my foot out of my mouth, nearly a month later. I'm not perfect and I can sometimes get catty and hold on to things for far too long. That was the case here, and I had to be the bigger person and admit that I had been a bit of a witch, and move on. Also, the bride unexpectedly found out she was pregnant 5 days before the wedding, and was still absolutely composed. I would have literally had a meltdown, so I admired her level headedness.

-We also went to a wedding for our dear friends M & M in Denver last weekend. The wedding was at the groom's family's golf club, and the view was AHHMAZING! The sun set over the mountains as the bride walked down the aisle. We ALL cried! And then we danced all night!

-The place I originally wanted to have our wedding is notoriously hard to book (2 or 3 years in advance, jumping through hoops to reserve your date, etc) and very inflexible. They are not being easy to work with, and I'm getting frustrated. There is a certain window of time because of family obligations that we can get married in, and I'm starting to consider other venues. I'm confident in my wedding planner, so I'm trying to leave it all up to her and relax!

-My birthday was yesterday, and my friends came down from NC and Denver for the weekend to celebrate with me. We had an amazing time, I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends who want to celebrate my special day with me!

-While RJG and KMW were here to visit, we went to tons of vintage stores (we also went to the new Christian Louboutin boutique!). In one crammed vintage store was a PERFECT HIDDEN GEM! A light gray fur stole in perfect condition with silk lining and a monogram inside for FIFTY DOLLARS! I nearly passed out and snapped it up! The monogram is MJB, it must have belonged to Mary J. Blige!

-Did you watch the VMA's last night? Lady Gaga is a total nut when it comes to fashion, but I do love that she isn't afraid to speak her mind. And of course, I love Taylor, but her performance seemed a little melodramatic.

Sorry there aren't any photos! I'm feeling a touch run down after going all month, and I don't have the energy to find the camera cord! xoxo

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