Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The new weekender is packed!

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go! I've got this weekender filled with dresses and 4 different clutches! I have searched high and low for a tan/light brown leather weekender, but I haven't found one I loved. And I want one that isn't $600, because I want it to hold up for years but wear nicely and I feel like I would just be too careful with one that costs so much. So Target steps in and saves the day until my perfect weekender comes along! I'm actually HIGHLY impressed with this $40 Target one. It is croc embossed black patent leather, with light gold hardware and looks so much nicer and more expensive than the picture makes it out to be. When you go on lots of mini trips like we do, a weekender is the thing to have! Just enough space for 3 or 4 days!

I cannot wait to spend consecutive days with JPK. He works crazy hard and there always seems to be something happening at one of his accounts! I am busy too with a weird schedule, so for us spending 4 consecutive days together without too many other obligations is going to be amazing! Seeing how quickly D&L's wedding arrived (they were engaged in December 2008), makes me very optimistic and excited that the time will pass oh so quickly and JPK and I will be at our October 2011 wedding day before we know it!

I hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend, filled with dresses too!



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  2. I love the weekender! Have fun on your trip!

    PS - I think the comment above me is spam, so you might want to delete it for privacy's sake. I got the same comment a few weeks ago.