Monday, October 11, 2010


What I have done for the wedding:
--ordered invitations
--found bridesmaids dresses (a convertible style which can be tied 100 or so different ways, each girl and find her most flattering look)
--found Mother a dress that is GORGEOUS
--found traditional tuxedos for the groomsmen
--found engraved humidors for groomsmen gifts (our venue has a cigar tasting room)
--found monogrammed fur scarves for my bridesmaids gifts
--essentially planned my whole bridal shower (which is NOT allowed, as I am not the hostess and should not stick my nose in, but I cannot help it, I'm just a compulsive planner!)
--found a band and a DJ for our reception
--made a Do Not Play list and a Must Play list and a Must Photograph list

What I have not done but need to do ASAP:
--find an officiant
--find a baker to make our cake and groom's cake
--book rehearsal dinner
--book spa appointments and hair and makeup team
--order table numbers, place cards, menus, cocktail napkins
--think of a cute and convenient way to keep track of RSVPs
--this list could go on for about a mile!

JPK and I just finished the 3rd season of Mad Men. I cannot put my obsession into words! Every time I see Betty, I die over her outfits. The baby blue fur ensemble she wore to Roger's daughter's wedding nearly made me hyperventilate! And JPK and I have both been searching for a fabulous bar cart a la Don's office or the Draper's living room. I think I may get him one for Christmas and set it up before he wakes up!

Terribly boring, nearly all wedding post! Sorry! xoxo

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  1. You've gotten so much done!

    Totally with you on Mad Men and Betty's wardrobe...divine! What a fun idea for JPK's Christmas gift!