Monday, January 10, 2011

Goodbye, 2010!

I always seem to feel a little down after the holidays are over. It's time to take down the lights, pack up the ornaments, and the end of holiday parties (the worst part!).

Making a list of things I'm looking forward to in 2011 always helps:

My first outrageous party dress of the year arriving
A brand new Gossip Girl (I've missed you Blair!)
Touching down in gorgeous, perfect, cold, snowy Colorado
My wedding, bien sur
Finally getting to wear my sparkly wedding band
Our mini-moon at our beloved Broadmoor
The first newlywed Valentine's Day (I'm going super cheesy this year!)
Personalized stationery of my new little family
Pulling out my pink and green tennis bag
First polo match of the season
Giving Baby's First Tiffany to a special little boy
The Calypso/Target collaboration!!!!
A year of travels (Colorado, Carolinas, the Hamptons, London, Costa Rica)
H&M coming to Dallas
Connecting with the Junior League ladies
Buying, no, decorating a house
Warm enough weather to wear this Lilly dress
Getting Mon Monogram LV for my birthday (navy and white stripes of course!)
JPK's father's suite for the Denver Taylor Swift show
Encore Taylor Swift show in Dallas
The new puppy I've already picked out for JPK's birthday gift!

I am such a lucky girl, there are amazing things in my future!! Hope you have wonderful things to look forward to as well!!


  1. Oh. My. God. That ostrich feather dress is ah-mazing! Your list sounds like you've got quite a fun-filled year ahead of you with lots to look forward to...Especially getting to wear your new sparkly wedding band! Only a few more days!!

  2. Nice list. You've inspired me to do this idea myself.

    And have fun in Junior League! I can't wait to be of age to join. JL's seem to do a lot and make really good friendships in their organization.

  3. Great list!! Sounds like a fun one to me!!
    I am sending you an award!!

  4. Happy wedding day to you, KMW! I can't wait to hear all about it!