Saturday, March 26, 2011

Travel Essential Part 1

In honor of our {quickly} upcoming honeymoon, I wanted to share my favorite travel essentials.

The eye mask. Oh my god, the eye mask. I've had TONS and this one from Target is simply the best. I got mine monogrammed and still made it out for under $10.

Cute passport cover. Jaunting around the world should be fun!

Lightweight layers. I pack a lightweight wrap {even in warmer months} that serves several purposes, starting with being a pillow on the plane.

A travel converter, of course. Nothing is worse than realizing you can't charge your iPhone. After all, Google Translate can't work on a dead phone.

Speaking of phones, I ALWAYS download apps for the cities/countries I'm going to. There are apps for everything now, my favorites being the "2Go" series.

A pair of giant, cheapie sunglasses. I recently lost a pair of Valentino sunglasses and swore never to take nice sunglasses anywhere again.

Evian Facial Spray. It's not expensive {as you may have noticed, I'm all about the cheapies so it doesn't hurt so much when your luggage gets lost or the bottle bursts mid-air}.

Flats. Here's where to splurge! Cole Haan makes their flats with Nike Air technology, which totally rocks for traveling! Revas work too, but only if they're broken in already.

Fun accessories. I take cheapie jewelry {usually from Charming Charlie}, my giant sunglasses, and this fedora I got at Nordies. It is surprisingly versatile, providing shade and an air of mysterious chic-ness while you prance down the cobblestone streets of Europe.
A pair of shoes for dressing up your look for nighttime. Choose wedges for summer, sexy heels for cooler months.

Ok, this list is getting long...let's call this Part 1 and I'll finish it tomorrow!


  1. I am loving those Espadrilles! I actually just posted on Nine West's new collection of them - lots of great deals there! :) I'm looking forward to reading your Part 2 post!

  2. Great list! I totally forgot about the Evian facial spray... haven't used that in YEARS but it is so refreshing. Definitely have to pick that up again. Thanks for the reminder!

    Hope you have a Lovely day!
    That Girl in Pearls