Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cross your fingers for a US book tour!
I kinda love the royal family.
Actually, "love" is an understatement.
Obsessed, passionate, fanatical...
those all sound more accurate.

Of course, I pre-ordered a copy of Celebrate,
Pippa Middlton's first party planning book
I guess people think Pippa can't plan a proper soiree,
because this book has been getting a lot of flack.

(I mean, she was in charge of one of the royal receptions
for Wills and Kate. 
She had disco balls hung in Buckingham Palace.
Enough said.)

No matter what any silly reviewers say,
I really enjoy this book. 
It's thicker than I expected, which is always good.

But best of all, it teaches Anglophiles like myself
British recipes and traditions.

And would make a really great Christmas
(or more appropriately, Boxing Day)
gift for the girl in your life.


  1. Haven't purchased it yet, but look forward to in the future. If you love parties, as I do, come to my event at Stephanie Anne in Highland Park next Wednesday from 5-7, love meeting other Dallas Bloggers!

  2. Hi!

    I stumbled across your blog and felt that you deserved to be nominated for the Liebster Award for up and coming blogs! Your blog is amazing & I hope to see you succeed in the future! Check out my Liebster Award post and follow the directions on there! I am definitely your newest fan! Visit mine and see what you think!

    xoxo, chelsea


  3. I have the book also. I spent eleven years of my childhood...so I'm partial to all things British. Lovely blog.

    ~Kiki Nakita