Saturday, November 24, 2012

You...Supplement Me

Jonathan Adler Vice Canisters
I love supplements. 

Every single morning, I drink a packet of Emergen-C.
Sometimes, if I hear someone cough near my office, 
I'll drink another.

I also take gummy vitamins, bee pollen, liquid oxygen drops, Phyto pills,
and occasionally melatonin. 

The gummies are a given
everyone needs vitamins.
The bee pollen I take to control my allergies,
(but obviously, don't take if you're allergic to bees. Duh.)

The liquid oxygen drops are a natural energy boost, 
they're tasteless, which is perfect.
The Phyto pills I just started taking because of PIPM
who says they are miracle worker for hair growth.
(I've been taking them for about week now,
and my hair looks amazing. 
Seriously. SO shiny.)

The melatonin I take when I can't sleep.
Those suckers will knock you out
for a full 8 hours. 
Try that on your next international flight, 
you can thank me later.

The gummies, Emergen-C, and chewable melatonin are all from the grocery store, the bee pollen capsules I get at GNC, the liquid oxygen drops are from Amazon, and the Phyto pills are from Ulta.

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