Thursday, November 29, 2012

Faux Fur Coat!

 One of the things I've had my eye on for awhile now was this coat.
But I didn't want to pay $200.
(I live in Dallas. There are only about 4 days a year I can actually wear this.)
Image via Nordstrom.
Sorry to totally spoil the ending
but I didn't buy the coat.

Instead, I found this beauty at JCP.
(JCP is one of my favorite stores. Don't knock it til you try it.)
Image via JCPenney
It's literally the exact same coat.
I paid $70 on Cyber Monday
and I really couldn't be happier.

My mom would say this is an example of how patience pays off.
I say I'm just a really good shopper.


  1. Love that coat!! I need more patience when it comes to shopping... I'm just worried if I reaaallyy want something that it will be sold out before it goes on sale!

  2. I love these Faux Fur Coats. If you're worried they will sell out before a sale, I would suggest just heading to Burlington Coat Factory. I always find the coats I want there and they are always discounted. Last week I saved about $50 on a coat I had been eying at the department store-- and I didn't have to wait for a special sale.

  3. Looks awesome and great!!! Happy new year.

    Kids Games

  4. Wow! You are indeed a good shopper! You saved so much on that one. It feels really great to know that something you wanted costs less than half of its original price. I hope I can be like you all the time!

    Joel Salmon

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