Friday, August 6, 2010

Bullet point are better than nothing!

I can't seem to pull together my thoughts into one coherent, flowing blog post, so bullet points it will be.

*What is it about the end of summer that makes everyone go a little off the deep end? Is it that we've had enough of the 100+ temperatures (I know I have), we all get tired of our same old sundresses and metallic sandals, and we're ready to cuddle up with someone we love under a fur blanket with a seasonally appropriate deconstructed s'more (I watch entirely too much Top Chef)? I feel like drama just escalates this time of year. Or maybe it's just with the people I know. And maybe I'd like to feel like Gossip Girl for a half second.

*Our wedding planning is going great. We are using Table 6 Productions out of Denver, and I may be slightly obsessed with their website. Their attention to detail is out of this world. We are still in the very early planning stage, so I'm not going to name our venue or photographer or anything too specific, just because I seriously don't want to be jinxed!

*I am so excited for fall clothes. I have no idea when fall starts here in Dallas, but I can't wait. I obviously love Lilly during the spring and summer, but I'm not that big into their fall/winter lines. I like the clothes, but during the fall/winter I want to dress a little more Ralph Lauren-esque. I prefer a lot of earthly solid colored pieces layered to printed dresses.

*What did you all think of the Real Housewives of DC? I thought I liked Cat, but then she seemed a little too brass. I certainly don't care if anyone has opinions, or if they chose to voice them, but I think she could have been a touch more tactful. I like Stacie a lot. And no wonder Michaele is so skinny, she is a ball of energy! I don't think she slowed down once! But I do miss my favorite Bravo character of all, ANDY COHEN! I'm obsessed with him!

*That's totally all I have. Nothing is new here. I work, play with my puppy, try on dresses for the bazillion weddings we have coming up, and each spinach salads (seriously, I literally eat a spinach salad twice a day). Oh, and I have lost 5 pounds.



  1. Summer has been crazy. I watched watched DC while doing other stuff so I didn't pay much attention but it should be interesting!

  2. I can't wait for fall so I can buy a new peacoat! Congrats on your wedding planning...they do have a neat website! Happy weekend!