Sunday, August 8, 2010

Live the List

Thank you so much for your suggestions on the dress drama. I'm going to do what I can to exchange the dress and cross my fingers for that to go well. If it doesn't, I will go from there.

Today, I picked up a copy of Dallas/Houston magazine, Papercity. Their cover is so cute! It's Back to (Old) School, and the bottom says, "The Preps come roaring back." (It bears repeating that we never went away. But whatever.)

Perhaps my favorite part of this issue is their Old School 101 List. "Some things will never, ever go out of style. Herewith, those things. Embrace your inner Thurston and Lovey. Live the List." Here is there list for you (I took out things that were Dallas specific, as well as several food items because it was getting excessive with the mayonnaise references):
Lobster thermidor (or Oysters Rockefeller, my fave!)
Nantucket lightship basket purses
Bermuda bags
Skotch Koolers
The Printery (I'm going further and saying the handwritten note)
Fair Isle cardigans
Argyle, madras, plaid, pastels
Chipped beef, crab cakes, beef stroganoff, King Ranch chicken
Embroidered whales on anything (this makes me miss old J.Crew more)
Monogrammed everything
Choate Rosemary Hall, The Hotchkiss School, Exeter Academy
Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Brown
L.L., Ralph, Lilly
Goyard (I am not a big fan)
Stubbs & Wooten
Dooney & Bourke (also not a big fan since THIS)
Steve and Eydie
Vineyard Vines (Love them, but shouldn't a "classic" have been around longer than since 1998?)
Tretorns, Weejuns, Top-siders
Greenwich, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard (I'd argue the Cape too)
Pearls (duh)
Lacrosse, rugby, squash
Floral chintz
The Junior League
C.Z., Babe, Jackie (no list would be complete without Jackie)
F. Scott, Truman, Sargent (favorite book: The Great Gatsby)
Slim Aarons
Sister Parish
Lester Lanin
Bay rum
Eau Sauvage (I prefer YSL L'Homme. Less headache-y)
Nantucket Reds
Jack Rogers
Bernardo Miami's (I like McKims better. Or Jacks above all.)
Barbara Hutton, Gloria Vanderbilt, Brenda Frazier
Mystic, Waldemar, Longhorn
Black Point Beach
Gant (their newest Home campaign is The House that Kennedy Built!)
Lacoste (BEST headbands around!)
Muffy, Buffy, Bitsy, Topsy
Skip, Chip, Kip, Trip
The Hampton Classic (equestrian activities in general, I'd say)
La Plates melamine plates, monogrammed
J. Press
The Strand Book Store
The Official Preppy Handbook (True Prep! September 7th!)
Love Story, The Great Gatsby, The Graduate
Range Rovers, Land Cruisers, Grand Wagoneers, Volvo 240s
Any Mercedes-Benz, pre 1990

*I love that they ended with P&G. Tomorrow I'll share with you their preppy choices for fall!

(photograph: The Fullers by Slim Aarons, circa 1970.


  1. Great list! And I'm glad you are back to blogging! How is your mother?

  2. P.S. It looks like you and Hopsy made the exact same post - only you beat her to it! :)